Goats Beware, Chupacabra Is Here


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Puerto Rico's Beast

A beast like animal leaps through the air pouncing on a unsuspecting goat grazing below. The mysterious intruder plunges his razor sharp teeth into the back of the innocent goats' neck. While the the death bound goat kicks and squeals in his fight for life the vicious creature grips the goats body and slowly drains him of his blood until there isn't a drop left. The goats carcass goes limp in the predators arms. Having had a nice meal, the beast disappears into the night leaving no trace of what could have happened. That mysterious beast is the chupacabra. Chupacabra's have been terrorizing Puerto Rican farmers since the mid 70's.

As Art Bell tells us, "The creature is about as long as a human leg, pasty white and has ridges on its back like a Dragon. It has two front legs and two rear legs and at the end of each two tiny offshoots that I would not call fingers, but I wouldn't call them paws either, almost claw looking. You can see teeth on the thing which is draped across the ground in an arch." Although the chupacabra weighs that of a goat, when faced with goat prey, the goat doesn't stand a chance against an animal with razor sharp fangs and claws hard as steel.


Chupacabra (chew-paw-kahb-raw) means "Goatsucker" in Spanish. Thousands of animals have become prey to these deadly predators. Chupacabras have been sighted all over America, but the majority of the chupacabras have been spotted in Puerto Rico, where some believe they originated. The first sighting was in Venezuela 48 years ago. The witnesses in Venezuela said they saw a creature emerge from a spaceship. The number of sightings has grown very rapidly over the past few years. Now claims are coming in from all over the world instead of just Puerto Rico. Claims of chupacabra sightings have come in from places like New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Texas, California, Moscow, Guatemala and Mexico.

"Last April, farmers in Calama, a mining town in the heart of Chile's harsh northern desert, awoke to find their goats and sheep dead in their pens. An unidentified predator had mutilated the animals' necks. By the time the television cameras arrived, the rumor of a Chupacabra attack, Chile's first, was spreading fast through the slender Pacific nation."
-Iquique, Chile

The reactions to the chupacabra's in some areas are more drastic then in others. Mayor Jose Soto of Canavanas, Puerto Rico started a revolution when he and some resident farmers became vigilantes and set out at night to hunt down the chupacabra to keep the town safe. One member of the group says "We are telling the people to keep the women and children locked up at night." Other town's don't take such drastic measures, in fact one town made a festival about the chupacabra. Zapata, Texas held it's first annual "Chupacabra Festival" in 1996, honoring the blood thirsty "goatsucker." Nearly 3000 people attended the festival. Kate McVay (The mastermind behind the "Chupacabra Festival") said "Its like any other festival, but a little different."

"reptilian body, oval head, bulging red eyes, fanged teeth and long, darting tongue,"
-San Juan Times